A Collective of Women, Who Work With Women.

We provide practical, emotional, physical & nourishing holistic support throughout fertility, pregnancy, postpartum & all stages of a woman’s journey.

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How We Can Help You

Birth Services

Holistic Treatments

Each of the therapies we offer have their own special benefits but in general they are a way to connect deeper to your body, spirituality, energy and bring about improved health outcomes. We offer therapies that focus on improved health outcomes.

Birth Services


We have faith in women's birthing bodies, we believe that knowledge of how your body works & being confident to trust it can come with education in the antenatal period. Our workshops will give you information and tools to make informed decisions and have the most positive birth experience.

Birth Services

Birth Services

Whether you're looking for Birth keeping or Doula services, our birth services will serve you and your family during your birth, support your choices and hold space for you throughout your journey into motherhood. As we have a team that specializea in birth services, you will find the right person to walk with you on this path.

Birth Services


Our postpartum services can begin in the immediate postpartum period or if you find yourself needing a little extra support down the line. Having a community or team to support you in this time can be profound, as we are not meant to be alone. Our services include postpartum doula home visits, Breastfeeding support visits, Body work, Psychotherapy & more.

Birth Services

Early Parenting

We understand that early parenting can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you are first time parents or working parents, we are here to support you. Our early parenting services include child minding services, baby massage workshops parental educational supports i.e. care of the newborn classes.

Birth Services

Womens Health

We take a holistic approach to all aspects of a womans journey from menarche to menopause. Our women's health services include menstrual awareness circles , sexual health education workshops , body work , energy work and more.

Birth Services

About Us

Wild Mountain Mothering

My name is Tehseen and I am the founder of Wild Mountain Mothering. From a young age I was fascinated with the truth about birth & its beauty. My own mother taught me at a young age to have a deep appreciation and understanding of how an undisturbed birth can be the most positive and empowering experience a woman will have.

Living in the Wicklow mountains and being a part of an ever-growing community of women in this area, we are so inspired by nature, how it flows and happens with beauty and sometimes with force but always by its own accord, this is how we are as women and how birth should be respected. We at Wild Mountian Mothering trust deeply in women’s abilities, we simply offer someone to walk with on your path. This is why we offer a wide variety of birth services & women’s health services.

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We take pride in our support for small Irish businesses. Each of our products are made from sustainable methods & materials while ensuring that each supplier follows ethical practices. Our team specializes in birth services and products. 


Contact us today to discuss your options. A member of our team will be happy to guide you through our services & products. 

Birth Services
Birth Services

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