Birth Stool


Handcrafted by an Irish carpenter, these Birth Stools are made of a Walnut seat and Oak legs. Birth Stools are used during childbirth for comfort, preference and overall minimal disturbances. The design of the Birth Stool allows gravity move the baby downward while providing care givers easy access.


A birth stool, also known as a birthing stool or birth chair, is a specialized piece of equipment used during childbirth. It is designed to support a woman in a seated or semi-seated position during the labor & delivery process.

During childbirth there are a number of benefits associated with birth stools. They can provide a more upright position for the mother which allows gravity to help in the downward descent of the baby. This position may help widen the pelvic outlet & promote a more efficient and less strenuous labor. Moreover, the open position of the pelvis on the Birth Stool facilitates easier access for healthcare providers attending the birth.

Birth stools have been used for centuries across different countries around the world and are still utilized today.


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