Cacao Block


This is a Cacao Block that contains 200g cacao blocks. Each cacao block holds 15 servings which means you will receive 45 servings in the bundle. If you want to purchase a months worth of Cacao Blocks we recommend purchasing 3 blocks.


Cacao is abundant in Theobromine which is a natural stimulant that closely resembles caffeine but lacks the restless side effects. This makes it an excellent choice for a revitalising morning beverage, providing you with the energy to start your day.

Moreover, due to its high magnesium content, many individuals enjoy cacao in the afternoon or early evening as it can have a calming effect.  If you are sensitive to stimulants, we recommend consuming your cacao earlier in the day

The cacao beans are ethically sourced from fair trade, single-origin, organic certified producers in the Dominican Republic. Each bean has notes of honey & peanuts.

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Weight.2 kg



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