Questions To Ask Your Doula Before You Hire Her

Finding the right Doula is an important and very personal decision when preparing for your childbirth journey. A Doula's support can have a huge effect on your physical & emotional well-being during pregnancy, labor and postpartum...

Am I Going Into Labour? Signs to Watch Out For.

Bringing a little one into the world is an exhilarating, magical & transformative experience. As your due date draws near, you might find yourself continuously questioning, "Am I going into labour?" The anticipation & uncertainty can be overwhelming for expectant moms, especially for first-time Moms...

Top Tips For Dads

Are you a new parent looking for some top tips for Dads? Many new dads aren’t familiar with what to do for Mums in labour or how to care for a new baby. We’ve put together a few helpful tips to be mums advocate...

Helpful Resources

"Senses List For Help in Labour"

"Prep List For Home Birth"

Research & findings

Did you know?

Doulas reduce interventions during labour

Studies examining the impact of continuous support doulas report significant reductions in cesarean births, instrumental vaginal births, need for oxytocin augmentation, and shortened durations of labor. Continuous support also has been associated with higher newborn Apgar scores (greater than 7) and overall higher satisfaction by mothers with the birthing process.

Doulas decrease the need for clinical procedures during birth

The evidence suggests that it is likely more than the emotional, physical, and informational support doulas give to women during the birthing process that accounts for the reduced need for clinical procedures during labor and birth, fewer birth complications, and more satisfying experiences during labor, birth, and postpartum argue that the modern hospital birthing process tends to be highly interventionist, taking away decision making from mothers. This results in many unwanted and, in many cases, unwarranted procedures.

Doulas reduce the risk of depression

Relative to women that give birth without support Doulas care, women who received doula care had 57.5% lower odds of postpartum depression/postpartum anxiety. Think about it like this - research finds that women who give birth without Doula care are nearly 60% more likely to experience depression.

Upright positioning offers a range of benefits

Being upright during labour and birth can increase the available space within your pelvis by 28-30% giving more room for baby to be born. The length of the first stage of labour, between 3-10 centimetres can be significantly less when you remain upright, active and mobile. Upright positions reduce the duration of the second stage (pushing stage) of labour.

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