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A skilled doula empowers a woman to communicate her needs and perceptions and actualize her dream of a healthy, positive birth experience. site logo contact us

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Birth is a profoundly transformative experience that deserves profound support. The inherent intuition of women caring for women lies at the heart of the Wild Mountain Mothering narrative. A skilled doula plays a vital role in empowering women to express their needs and perspectives, enabling them to manifest their vision of a positive & healthy birthing experience.

The journey into birth work involves an awakening, fueled by witnessing how clinical systems treat women &  a deep longing to alter the outcomes for countless women.

Our team holds great reverence for the innate capabilities of women when they are afforded the space & liberty to follow their unique paths. Whether it is in childbirth or any other aspect of womanhood. Tehseen possesses a remarkable ability to bring women together & in collaboration with the wonderful team has inspired a vision of women harmoniously working together as a collective.

Our team of women, working for women.

Our Team

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My name is Tehseen and I am the founder of Wild Mountain Mothering. From a young age I was fascinated with the truth about birth & its beauty. My own mother taught me at a young age to have a deep appreciation and understanding of how an undisturbed birth can be the most positive and empowering experience a woman will have.

I studied nursing and I am clinically trained as a paediatric, general nurse & sexual health educator. My roots and passion are in nature and I believe in the power of natural and holistic approaches to care. As a Doula Birth Keeper & Antenatal Educator,  I’m a firm believer in the need we have for  building our tribe or village of support. Not just for the time of birth but throughout a woman’s journey through life. We ensure the women I work with are empowered an nourished on their journey into motherhood, early parenting and beyond.

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After completing my BSc. Degree in Nursing in 2013 I moved to Australia and worked in an Emergency Dept in Sydney until 2020. I am also a massage therapist, cards of life reader, and natural health advocate. But most importantly am consciously hoping to create a better world by empowering families, one mother and baby at a time. In 2017 my life was transformed forever by the arrival of my son. My transition from maiden to mother and birth experience was the catalyst for discovering my dharma. The world needs mothers who can say they enjoyed their pregnancy and birth and are not left traumatized and dis-empowered.

My aim is to guide parents to trust themselves and strengthen their bond with their children. As well as nourish the whole family. ​Birth is sacred, and I hope every woman has a beautiful experience. As well as physical support during labor, my role is to advocate for the birthing woman and her partner. Arm them with education on their rights, options, and innate capabilities so they can make informed choices.

kate duffy - doula



I am a mother of three beautiful little ones, Milo, Luka and Roan. After Milo was born in 2016, I trained as a Placenta Remedies Specialist and have been providing remedies for mothers since. I love being somewhat connected to such a magical and powerful time. After Luka was born I trained as a Postpartum and Birth Doula. It has been such a powerful learning curve to dive deeper into pregnancy, birth and postpartum learning with each new client, to give them the best support that they deserve. Roan was born last November at home and preparing for her birth has led me even deeper into the world of intuitive, powerful birth and postpartum as a right of passage and has really changed the way that I see how I can be of service to mothers.

I am currently studying to become a Closing the Bones facilitator or Rebozo Massage Therapist. Closing The Bones is an ancient postpartum massage given to mothers using the Mexican shawl (Rebozo) to rock and massage the mother from head to toe. It is the opening and holding of a sacred space where the mother can feel safe to let any emotions from her pregnancy, birth, or postpartum journey rise to the surface. I think I will be continuously learning with every new client. I feel very honoured to be working and learning in such an intimate, powerful, and intuitive space.

lenka - doula dublin wicklow



Hi, my name is Lenka, I am Birth keeper Doula, a human, student of life, woman, friend, daughter, Mother to 3 wonderful children, and wife to an awesome husband and we are based in Trim, Meath. Since I embarked on my journey of motherhood I trained in a variety of healing modalities, somatic trauma practices, midwifery, and movement and keep learning about natural ways to support our bodies’ healing abilities. I see mothers as center of our community.

I believe in thriving rather than surviving life. I believe that life’s default setting is joy, abundance, love and unity and not to live in fear, guilt, jealousy, shame and scarcity. I believe it’s time to start rewriting our own programming and allow the imprinting of our children to be of safety, love, freedom and joy. I see birth as an entry gateway to this world for the new soul but also as a transformational event for the mother as she is giving birth to a new life and to her new self. I am passionate about accompanying women through their transformational journey of motherhood, continuity of support and women and family-centred birth and physiologic care. I love all sentient beings, hot chocolate and spending time in Nature.

Anne - doula wicklow



As a registered nurse and midwife Anne has supported couples in their bid to create, support and deliver new life into this world for over 30 years. In her role as an acupuncturist and as a Fertility Nurse Co-ordinator in some of Ireland’s leading Assisted Fertility Clinics she has spent time supporting couples through their often difficult and heart-wrenching journeys as they attempt to conceive.  

As a midwife she has journeyed with families from conception through to the post-natal period, delivering babies both at home and in hospital settings whilst honouring and attempting to facilitate each couple’s unique and individual beliefs and wishes with respect to their pregnancy experience. As she believes that we and the life that we create are more than that which we know using our five senses, Anne has always used her experience as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master and yoga teacher practitioner in order to meet each person she meets from a holistic perspective.  

Anne knows and cherishes the honour and great joy of bearing witness to the sacredness of bringing forth new life. In her many years and roles as a midwife however, she has also witnessed and supported families through the great pain and grief of loss, when a diagnosis of fetal abnormality for their baby is given or when a pregnancy or infant loss is experienced.  Currently in her private psychotherapy practice, she now works to support couples in their experiences in attempting to create, meet and support new life.  She works humanistically and mindfully with a compassion-based approach in order to foster a mindset of love and self-acceptance. 

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As with so many things in her life, Asun didn’t go looking for a career in acupuncture, it found her. Asun grew up in the Basque Country, North of Spain, and dedicated her childhood and teen age to sports. She played soccer, did athletics, trek along beautiful mountains, cycle, run, you name it, she did it. But despite all this, she didn’t follow a career in Sports, she instead studied Public Relations. It was not until a few knee operations and a move to Ireland in 2001 that she decided to change her career and study Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation.

After a few years in Ireland, something that she had almost forgotten about happened again: she started to have horrible migraines, so she went for acupuncture as she did when she was only a small child. Going through this again reminded her how grateful she was of the Acupuncturist in the Basque Country who helped her when she had been told she had to learn to live with pain only at the age of 10. Therefore, after some research, she decided to study Medical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shannon where she graduated with Distinction. Becoming a Chinese practitioner has been a privilege and she feel extremely fortunate to have found her passion in life.

Although she has a special interest and expertise in pain relief, she has also treated a wide range of other ailments such as digestive conditions, respiratory issues, gynaecological disorders, psychological issues etc, and when needed, the treatments include cupping therapy, moxibustion and/or the use of a TENS machine. Asun is a registered member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland who follows strict codes of ethics and practise. As a member of the ACI, the treatments are approved by VHI, Laya, Aviva, Irish Life and other health insurance schemes (check with your insurance provider).




My name is Lupita. I love caring for and teaching children. I am a certified Montessori and Spanish language primary school teacher with many years of experience in the childcare field including working as a travel Nanny and early parenting support. I have also worked as a health care assistant and so am up to date with certificates such as basic life support for children, child first training and more.

Originally from Mexico, I have been living in Ireland for nearly 30 years, as a mum of 3 beautiful daughters I know how important it can be to have someone walk with you on your parenting journey especially if you are far from your family.

laura 1



I’m Laura, a mother to 2 beautiful girls from Kildare. I work part-time whilst also running my wellness business. I’m also a holistic massage therapist working in and around the Wicklow and Kildare areas.  I carry out a form of Swedish massage which is a really gentle and relaxing form of massage for the client. Depending on the clients needs I can also incorporate some deeper remedial work or manual cupping which is a lovely way to really stretch out your Fascia and work on your body in a way other massage can’t. I also take a holistic approach with my clients. I want their treatments to be therapeutic, taking into account their whole lifestyle, and aiding them in continuing their self-care at home.




Deb Davis has had two orgasmic home births. The first was in 1999, where she had never heard of the term but on experience led her on a journey of discovery. Having had such a fulfilling experience she wanted to share what she had with women who sought the same. She trained as a birth doula with Tracy Donegan in 2004 and went on to train as a Gentlebirth instructor. She then went on to train with Debra Pascali-Bonaro in Bali in 2015 on the Eat, Pray, Doula course. She now teaches one-to-one bespoke anti-natal courses in your own home led by the birthing couple’s own enquiry!




I am a birth and postpartum doula as well as a yoga teacher including both pregnancy and mum & baby yoga, and a circle facilitator for menstrual cycle awareness, cacao and women’s circles. My passion lies in supporting people on their life’s journey & transitions such as menstruation, fertility and conception, birth, postnatal and parenting. My approach is holistic as the importance of supporting mind, body and soul I feel is all equally vital. I believe that Everyone deserves access to education about their bodies and information and support brought with kindness, compassion and empathy.

Aoife Bolger



Aoife Bolger is a Kildare native and well-travelled, Yoga loving Mama! She is a Mama to two amazing boys and has a special interest in Women’s Health, through all life stages. Aoife is passionate about supporting women through the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Aoife also loves to support partners and new families through her work.

She holds teaching diplomas in classical Hatha Yoga from Yoga Vidya Gorukul in India and from Vinyasa Yoga with David Curtis of Vinyasa Yoga Ireland. Aoife has completed additional training in women and Pregnancy Yoga with Lou Horgan of Lou Yoga and in Mum & Baby Post Natal Yoga with Melissa Curtis of Tummy Love. She is a Baby Massage Instructor accredited by the International Association of Infant Massage. Aoife runs classes and workshops in Pregnancy Yoga, Mum & Baby Post-natal Yoga and Baby Massage. She also plans to bring Active Birth Workshops for Mamas-to-be and their birthing partners later this year! Aoife has a special interest in Women’s Health, through all life stages, and is passionate about supporting women through the transformative journey of Pregnancy, Birth and early Motherhood’.

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Elly is a Doula, prenatal Yoga teacher, Gentle Birth and HypnoBirthing instructor, Facilitator of women circles and Mother Blessing ceremonies. She is passionate about pregnancy and birth and herself had the most amazing orgasmic birth of her daughter (27 hours of it to be precise!). 

Elly supports natural, undisturbed home births in Dublin, she also provides birth equipment rentals (pool; birth sling, homeopathy etc) and 1:1 online weekly sessions to provide continuity through out pregnancy and beyond. She also speaks Russian and Ukrainian, and offers her support to Ukrainian mamas on a sliding scale. 

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My name is Aoife, I’m a portrait photographer based in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Originally trained as a medical professional, my portraiture focuses on human connection; it is such a joy to watch people’s self perception change as a result of my art.

As a commercial photographer, I’ve worked with the most prestigious real estate firms, luxury hotels and ethical brands in Ireland. I also produce N Magazine, a monthly print + digital Irish art magazine. 

I’m so excited to offer portrait sessions for couples, pregnant mamas & newborns. It’s an honour to capture a family’s happiest times. I use natural light, minimal edits and very frequently photograph families at home. I adore the unobtrusive nature of capturing special moments in everyday places. I can’t wait to meet you!

Couples shoots are ideal for engagements, pregnancy announcements or simply for your own memories. The pregnancy and newborn package is such a special option; consisting of two sessions. I’m deeply honoured to capture the transition from maiden to mother. 

If you would like to discuss birth photography, please contact me via email ect.

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Dr. Ros Drake MSc (Chiro) BSc (Hons) DC

Dr. Ros Drake MSc (Chiro) BSc (Hons) DC is a pre and postnatal specialist chiropractor based in Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland.  She studied at the UK chiropractic college, the AECC, qualifying in 2000 after a 5 year full time course with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree.  She has treated almost 700 expectant mums between 2013 and May 2023 with a 71% success rate supporting breech presentation. She receives referrals from private and public midwives, doulas, GentleBirth instructors, pregnancy yoga and Pilates teachers and other birth workers. She has contributed to Natural Parenting Ireland, Irish Parent Magazine, the Irish Independent Newspaper and is featured on  She has received the award for Pregnancy Chiropractor of the Year – Republic of Ireland 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 by Global Health and Pharma as well having been shortlisted for Specialist Maternity Service of the Year award by MaMa Conference 2019.

doula dublin 3343



Woman, daughter, sister, wife and most importantly mother to three amazing boys. I started my journey into motherhood at the young age of 19 in quite a traumatic way. This was something I held onto and took many years to recover physically from. Then after my second son was born in 2017 I fell into quite a dark place. I realised quickly that there was a serious lack of understanding and support to women in birth and postpartum and I began to relearn everything I thought I knew about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In 2020 I was first held in women’s circle and it really opened my eyes as to how we should hold and nurture one another, and what a difference it would make. Since then I have given birth a third time, where I prioritised rest, recovery and nourishment. I became very interested in physiological and undisturbed birth. I am continually in awe of birth. I firmly believe in supporting women through this transformative period in their lives. I believe in the importance of recovery and holding the mother in the postpartum period. I like to offer postpartum care such as physical and emotional support. House keeping and cleaning work. I have trained as a birth doula with doula care Ireland and cacao facilitator for Keith’s cacao. The areas I can cover are Laois, Carlow, tullamore, Kildare and naas.


If you require any additional information or would like to get in touch with a member of Wild Mountain Mothering, please contact us.


Our Producers


Sugar Loaf Botanics

Laura is a qualified nurse who set up Sugarloaf Botanics in 2020 to help educate people about the medicinal properties of their local plants and how to bring them into our skincare and personal lives in a real way. Her products range from herbal teas to bath salts, herbal steam blends, lip balms and salves, all made from plants she grows or forages in Wicklow.


Copper Beard Furniture

Sean is a custom furniture maker in Dublin, Ireland. He earned a degree in Furniture Design & Making from ATU Connemara, where he honed his skills in woodworking & furniture design. Seán has developed a reputation for creating that are both functional & beautiful. He is passionate about using sustainable materials & techniques, & he takes pride in creating furniture that will last a lifetime. To learn more about Seán’s work or to commission a custom piece of furniture, visit his Instagram @copperbeardfurniture.


Debs Funky Sheepskins

Deb Davis is a birth doula and is passionate about bringing comfort & quality to you by nurturing you and your newborn with quality & care. Whether it is a sheepskin to welcome your newborn onto, a liner for a car seat or a full buggy muff. She also stocks Solmate Socks which are wonderfully mismatching & will gladden any heart. They are made with recycled cotton & make a wonderful addition to your birthing kit, keeping tootsies toastie while you birth. They also come in baby sizes!


Nibbed Cacao

Nibbed was founded by aunt-niece duo, Lisa Kleiner & Anna O’Sullivan, in 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic. When Ireland went into lockdown, Lisa went into a chocolate-making frenzy. A qualified chef by trade, she has always been curious about delving deep into flavours & textures that sing. However, it’s not just taste that compels Lisa. She is also deeply passionate about the health aspect of food, holding a Degree in Nutrition and a Masters Degree (MSc) in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from the University of Ulster.

Birth Services
Birth Services

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