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Holistic Treatments

preg reiki


€65 - 1 Hour

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that harnesses universal life force energy to restore balance in mind, body & spirit. Our sessions create a tranquil oasis for stress relief, emotional balance & relaxation. 

Pregnancy & mothering brings unique changes & our specialized Reiki sessions nurture both mother and baby. Through gentle touch & energy channeling, we restore harmony and promote well-being during this transformative time. Reduce discomfort, anxiety, and deepen your connection with your growing child.

holistic massage _

Fertility Massage Relaxation

€140 - 90 minutes

Using complimentary therapies such as massage when TTC has been proven to increase your chances of getting pregnant as well as aiding the healing other women’s health issues. The treatment session we offer provides a consultation and combination of body and energy work to connect you to your womb space and bring about healing.

holistic massage service 1


Price varies on time & location

Our therapists provide relaxing full body, back, face and scalp, massage techniques to positively affect the whole body whether you’re coming for relaxation or to treat a variety of physical symptoms.


Price subject to ceremony

A way to connect with the great space holder mama cacao and become closer to your spirit baby, enjoy relaxation and feel grounded on the journey of conception.

postpartum care wicklow_


Price subject to ceremony

The drinking of ceremonial cacao At a Cacao ceremony is a sacred South American tradition that has become widely known and practiced here in Ireland. A cacao ceremony is a space of heart opening and meditation. Ceremonies can be tailored to your needs and allow healing , relaxation and access to the subconscious.

Kambo _ frog pic



Using the secretions of the Kamnbo frog this medicine is a traditional healing ritual that originated in some South American countries a to purify the body and treat various health conditions.

mandala human readings service



Through human design readings, you’ll get a better understanding of how your energy operates, and how to harness it and protect it, gaining insight into your own self. These readings are an emotional, energetic, and psychological deep dive into a person using systems such as astrology and chakras and the time, date, and place we’re born. Human Design readings can reveal how to live as your truest self.

pregnancy massage _


€80 - 1 Hour

Pregnancy massage should not be looked at as a treat, in many cultures regular pregnancy and postpartum massage is a normal part of your care and this should be the norm as it has a range of benefits. Regular prenatal massages may not only help mama to relax, but may also relieve:

  • Insomnia
  • Joint pain
  • Neck and back pain
  • Leg cramping
  • Sciatica
  • Swelling in your hands and feet (as long as that swelling isn’t a result of preeclampsia)
  • Carpal tunnel pain
  • Headaches and sinus congestion
induction massage )

natural induction massage

€90 - 75 minutes

From 37 weeks we offer an ease into the end of your pregnancy using special acupressure techniques and aromatherapy to help you prepare for labour, we will also teach use some of the techniques as well so you and your partner can use them in labour.

acupuncture service dublin


Price varies

Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force. A wonderful complimentary medicine, acupuncture can treat physical symptoms such as chronic and acute pain, as well as stress and other conditions.

women therapy pregnancy


From €80/hour

Our wonderful therapist  works humanistically and mindfully with a compassion based approach in order to foster a mindset of love and self-acceptance and offers a place of nonjudgmental safety.

Antenatal Services

antenatal services in wicklow

Antenatal Education/Birth Preparation Workshops

Prices vary

We offer a comprehensive pregnancy support service that teaches you about birth and how to prepare for birth. We at wild mountain mothering have faith in women’s birthing bodies, we believe that knowledge of how your body works and being confident to trust it can come with education in the antenatal period. Our workshops whether bespoke birth preparation, ecstatic birth or informative homeopathic remedies class will give you information and tools to make informed decisions and have the most positive birth experience.

phone therapy for women

Pregnancy Phone Support Group


Looking for a virtual pregnancy service? Subscription service during your pregnancy, we offer you virtual support, reassurance, education, advice and resources and referrals. For a small monthly fee you get the support of Doulas with vast experience and knowledge happy to answer your questions and are only a message away. 

yoga pregnancy services


Price varies

Yoga is a practice that involves, movement, breathing and spirituality and body mind connection. Our yoga teachers offer a range of services including pregnancy yoga, mum and baby classes and post natal yoga. Our yoga practicioner is a leading pregnancy service provider. You can be confident that you are in the best hands. 



Prices vary

GentleBirth workshops combine brain science, birth science and technology to help you have the most positive birth experience possible. This pregnancy service uses tools from sports psychology, mindfulness and hypnosis, active birthing principles and information about navigating the care system.


Mother Blessings/Mother Way Ceremonies

Prices vary

An alternative to a baby shower, let us celebrate the Mother. A number of us facilitate these circles of women, perhaps invite your close friends, family members or other holistic practitioners you’ve met along the way during your pregnancy, to share space and food and circle for a lovely afternoon. Usually done around 36 weeks, this pregnancy service is a chance for Mama to be taken care of and shown love, often in her own home or a venue such as a stone circle here in Wicklow.

Birth Services

birth doula _000

Birth Doula Support

Packages tailored & so may vary

A Doula serves as a constant presence of physical support, emotional support and supportive feminine energy for the client, whether in the antenatal period, throughout pregnancy or for a new mother. Our birth Doulas offer evidence based information to facilitate your informed choices in pregnancy, physically and emotionally support you during labour and into your early parenting journey. From pregnancy support to birthing support, we are with you every step of the way! Get in touch to find out more or find a Doula that’s right for you.

Birth keeper picture waterbirth

Birth Keeping

From €1800

Much like a Doula a birth keeper will walk with you on your pregnancy service journey, however as birth keepers we support women and their families who which to birth outside medical assistance often called free birthing or unassisted birth. As birth keepers, We offer a range of pregnancy service support during antenatal birth and postpartum period to ensure you have continuity of care and walk with you on your journey through this empowering and freeing birth experience. While we are not there in a licensed capacity, we are there to hold space and honor your birth. As birth keepers, we believe in a woman’s ability to intuitively carry and birth her baby. We offer a heart centred approach  in supporting you in a non-clinical, holistic way on your journey into motherhood and beyond.

Postpartum Services

postpartum doula support

Postpartum Doula Support

€40 per hour

We have a particular respect for nourishing the new mother with Nutritional, physical, emotional support and household assistance in this precious period. Whether you need just a couple of hours of support, longer stays or regular home visits, we are here to help.

placenta capsules

Placenta Encapsulation

Price depends on packages

The placenta is the organ that surrounds the fetus in the womb and allows for the exchange of nutrients, blood, and waste with the mother.

Benefits include: 

  • Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone.
  • Increased release of the hormone oxytocin, the love hormone. This wonderful hormone helps to restore the uterus to its normal size and helps to create an overall calm and relaxed mood. 
  • A decrease in postpartum depression levels.
  • Restoration of iron levels in the blood.
  • Increase in milk production.

'Closing The Bones' Ceremony

Price varies (do not include traveling price)

Closing the bones is a traditional ritual used in Central and South America after women have given birth to support their postpartum recovery. It consists of telling of their story, a warming drink, an oil massage of the abdomen and uses fabric (a Mexican scarf called a robozo) to rock, bind and close the pelvis. Choosing either of our practitioners will offer you a wonderful experience.

Small Closing Ritual €380 3 hours in length (including own story medicine, ceremonial drink, conscious body touch & rebozo work on the body & closing the bones) 

Full Closing Ritual €540Including your own story medicine, ceremonial drink of choice (cacao, warming fruit drink, tea or golden milk), herbal bath/Yoni steam, conscious body touch with oil and closing the bondes. 

baby night support

Night Support Visits


Postpartum night support can be a real lifesaver in those early days, giving mum and family a chance to rest and get a few more precious hours of sleep in. While we are in your home, we can assist with quiet lighthouse work such as tidying up after dinner or putting on laundry during the night and set you up with an early breakfast before we finish our visit.

week doula support service wicklow

1st Week 24h Visit

From €800

Whether you had baby at home or have just arrived home from the hospital the first week with baby can be a big adjustment, if you need a little extra support we can offer you a 24h stay to help make the transition that little bit easier, cooking for you , assisting with settling in  or establishing breastfeeding support.

Birth Trauma debriefing

Birth Trauma Debriefing

1-2 hours €45 - Free Consultation

In person on over the phone, this may be the first step you take after a traumatic birthing experience, sometimes the speaking of the event is the best place to start the healing journey. For some this first conversation may lead on to therapy sessions or energetic healing work, whatever you may need, we can help.

breast feeding support dublin

Breast Feeding Support

€35 per hour

Studies show when mum has support in the early days of breastfeeding she is more likely to continue and be successful. Many of our doulas have completed training in breastfeeding education and support and are breastfeeding Mums themselves. This service allows breastfeeding to be established with compassion and guidance in the comfort of your home in the early days of motherhood.

Early Parenting Services

baby massage worksjops

Baby Massage Workshops

Price Varies

Massaging babies is a wonderful way of nurturing, bonding and creating calming routines, as well as boosting their immune system and supporting their growing body. In these classes parents will learn massage techniques, it is also a great space for parents to meet and get to know each other.

baby care class

Baby Care Class


Whether you are a first time parent or in need of a little refresher, this class will go through care of the newborn, bath time, nappy changing hacks, cord care, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, treating common skin conditions in the newborn, basic safety. Taught by pediatric nurse and Doula.

child minding service dublin

Child Minding Services


Whether looking for day to day child care for your little one or need an extra pair of hands at a special event like a wedding or holiday, with our child care expert you’ll be in wonderful hands.

Women's Health Services

sexual health services

Sexual Health Body Literacy

Price dependent on clients needs

Sexual education is not just something to teach teenagers at school, it is for everyone. We offer a range of body literacy workshops tailored to women and their specific needs. From menarch to menopause and all the bits in between, we will have provided you with the education and support to facilitate your journey to bodily empowerment.

mother daughter ceremony

Menarche Cacao
Ceremony Mother & Daughter

Price varies

Welcoming the young woman on the start of her journey is a rite of passage we don’t often get to celebrate in today’s world, however this occasion can and should be marked as something very, very special.  We offer a red tent like experience with a tailored cacao ceremony for mother and daughter (or sisters and aunties etc.)  in your home or around the stone circle.

loss support pregnancy

Loss support
(miscarriage, termination)

Price by donation

Many of our Doulas have experience caring for women who are coping with loss in various forms. We will provide non-judgemental support at any point on such a challenging journey in a woman’s life. If seeking support at any point do not be afraid you are not alone and do not have to be.

women therapy pregnancy


From €80/hour

Our wonderful therapist  works humanistically and mindfully with a compassion based approach in order to foster a mindset of love and self-acceptance and offers a place of nonjudgmental safety.



As a birth keeper, our focus is on providing comprehensive and holistic care throughout your entire pregnancy journey, including antenatal, birth, and postpartum periods. We prioritise your choices and ensure that your needs are met. Unlike hospitals, GP’s, or OBGYN’s, we are not restricted by their policies and procedures. We firmly believe that you are the ultimate authority over your body and respect your right to receive unbiased and evidence-based information. We support your autonomy in making decisions and are dedicated to surrounding you with a supportive network.

Our goal is to facilitate the most positive birth experience possible, and we believe that the most natural environment for this is your own home. By offering traditional and holistic care, we aim to create a nurturing atmosphere where you feel empowered and supported every step of the way.

Receive personalized care and support from a Postpartum Doula as you welcome your new baby(s) into your family. During the early days, weeks, and months, our Postpartum Doula is dedicated to providing practical assistance to ensure a smooth transition into parenthood, commonly referred to as ‘the fourth trimester.’ Studies indicate that families with a reliable support system during this period enjoy a more positive experience overall.

Our Postpartum Doula offers a range of invaluable services, tailored to meet your specific needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with sleep support for both parents and baby(ies)
  • Providing guidance for successful breastfeeding
  • Offering basic baby care assistance
  • Helping manage the household environment, running errands, and completing chores
  • Providing support to siblings
  • Offering valuable resources to ensure a safe, secure, and confident parenthood experience


Our Postpartum Doula is available during the day and/or overnight, accommodating the unique requirements of your family.

Birth is a transformative journey, a sacred rite of passage. Every woman deserves to tap into her innate power and natural capabilities, regardless of the location or method chosen for giving birth. Now, more than ever, the world needs to prioritize supporting women and families in experiencing sovereign, holistic births that leave them feeling empowered.

No matter your financial or social situation, we, as a dedicated team, are committed to serving all individuals during this life-changing period. Research demonstrates that women who have the support of a birth doula experience a range of benefits, including reduced need for synthetic oxytocin/induction, lower rates of cesarean births, decreased reliance on pain medication, and higher levels of satisfaction with their childbirth experience.

We provide personalized, non-judgmental support and guidance throughout your pregnancy, labor, and immediate postpartum period. Together, we will explore childbirth and newborn education, helping you build trust in your body’s innate ability to give birth and empowering you to care for your newborn.

Additionally, we offer lactation support based on evidence and experience, providing resources to help you and your family on your desired feeding journey. In times of bereavement and loss, we are here to compassionately walk alongside you and your family, offering support through the difficult experience of losing a baby or child.

For those interested, we also provide resources and assistance with placenta encapsulation, helping prepare your placenta for consumption and aiding in your postpartum healing process. Furthermore, if you are navigating the journey of conception and fertility, we offer guidance and compassionate support for you and your family.

Together, as a team, let’s create a nurturing environment where you can embrace your birth journey, make informed choices, and feel supported every step of the way

Birth Services
Birth Services


Contact us today to discuss your options. A member of our team will be happy to guide you through our services & products. 

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