Top Tips for Dads

Are you a new parent looking for some top tips for Dads? Many new dads aren’t familiar with what to do for mums in labour or how to care for a new baby. We’ve put together a few helpful tips to be mums advocate, bond with baby and be an active participant in your little ones birth. This blog will give dads the support they need with a few of our top tips for dads!

Dad Tips

Tip #1

Taking care of Mom can seem more complicated than it has to be. We always recommend a simple but effective way to show your support by planning a babymoon or date night for your partner, before the baby comes, to enjoy time together.

Tip #2

Communicate with your partner how you feel. Sometimes it is difficult to discuss emotions related to expecting. Open communication is so important during pregancy and into early parenting.

Tip #3

One of the best ways to support mum is to know what to expect during labour. When you know what to expect, you both will feel more empowered and knowledgeable about what’s going on Childbirth classes are the absolute best way to really understand how to support your partner during labour. Wild Mountain Mothering offers a range of Birth preparation and early parenting workshops . These classes can teach you techniques to help with comfort like massage, relaxation, breathing and different position movements and very importantly you know what to expect in labour, preparation is key.

Tip #4

Be an Active Participant, throughout pregnancy. As your partner’s bump gets bigger, the skin stretches and becomes dryer and itchier. Scratching won’t give her any relief. So take over and rub shea butter or moisturiser all over her belly. It’s a super soothing way to pamper your partner. As she gets tired or bump gets bigger notice her subtle needs like encouraging her to sit and relax , making space and offer encouragement. Know What She Wants and Be Her Advocate support her wishes when it comes to feeding as well, Research shows that when dads are supportive of breastfeeding, 96 percent of moms are willing to give it a try (compared to 26 percent when dads aren’t that into it).

Tip #5

Maybe you want to help catch baby or cut the cord, or maybe youd rather not do either have the conversation about both of your wishes. Communication is key to any relationship or partnership!

Tip #6

Hire a Doula. Remember your partner doesn’t want you to be her midwife she wants you to be what you’ve always been  – her partner, enjoy the journey together and support her in your own way, massage her, get her ice, fan her until she cools down, coach her with each contraction, keep her comfortable, know which position for her to get in next, advocate for her, and more. You are also becoming a father at this moment too. It’s a lot to handle. A doula will honor all of this.

Whether you are a first-time Dad or you are simply looking for some support for Mom, we hope you found some helpful tips in our blog. Here at Wild Mountain Mothering, we specialise in caring for Mom and Baby. We are a team of caring healthcare experts and are always here for you. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you.

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